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At O’Donnell’s Pharmacies, we understand the needs of our Care Home partners.
We offer a professional Pharmacist led service that is personalised to meet the needs of each Care Home.

What We Offer

We can provide your Care Home with a safe, efficient, and complete Pharmacy service:

  • Daily Delivery Service with emergency out of hours backup service
  • Medication packed in a Monitored Dosage System (MDS), namely Biodose
  • Medication Profile Documentation with Patient Photos and full Tablet Images
  • Regular 3 monthly Medication reviews with Care Home Team
  • Training for Care Home Staff on medication
  • Provision of equipment necessary for the safe storage and dispensing of medication in the Care Home

O’Donnell’s Pharmacies specialise in providing the Biodose brand of Blister Packs. For more information on Biodose Blister Packs visit

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