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Whether you, a friend or a family member have any problems taking, or remembering to take your medication, then blister packed medicines may be the solution to your problems. Maybe you’re a carer and care for someone who could benefit from a little extra help with their medication.

How It Helps

You will benefit from blister packed medicines if you experience any of the following:

  • Whether you find your medication confusing
  • Are not sure when to take which tablet
  • Can’t remember if you’ve taking your dose today
  • Find it difficult to open that tablet bottle or pop the tablet out of it’s pack
  • Can’t quite read the label on the package
  • Or you forget to order your medication on time and find yourself running out of medicines


O’Donnell’s Pharmacies specialise in providing the Biodose brand of Blister Packs. For more information on Biodose Blister Packs visit


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