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Quit Smoking

‘Don’t smoke, don’t start, and for those who have, stop.’ – Gerry Collins.

In 2011, Gerry Collins was one of three people featured in the QUIT campaign’s films and TV adverts, telling his story of recovery from tobacco-related throat cancer. In summer 2013, Gerry contacted the HSE to let us know that, sadly, he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Gerry also asked us if this new chapter in his story could form a new phase of the QUIT campaign.

You Can QUIT

Quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do for your health, and if you use one the range of support services available, you can as much as double your chances of your quit attempt succeeding. Also, if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work, remember most smokers make several attempts before quitting for good. The trick is to keep on trying, because the change you can bring about in your health and your life is worth it.

The HSE’s QUITline Service now has a new Freephone number 1800 201 203. This means that smokers in need of help and support to quit can call free of charge on 1800 201 203.  The QUITline is provided on the HSE’s behalf by the Irish Cancer Society and gives professional counselling support to smokers on their quit journey. The previous LoCall number for the Quitline will continue to operate as usual until the end of June.

If you smoke, remember you can QUIT and we can help:

Visit and sign up for an online QUIT plan

Call the QUITline 1800 201 203

Join our Facebook support group

Talk to us at O’Donnell’s pharmacy for help with creating your personal Quit plan, and also supports and medication.

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